Battambang Monk Slashed By Disgraced Ex-Student

Battambang Province: A man covered his face and rode a motorbike to attack a monk in Chheuteal pagoda, Banan district, causing serious injuries. Police have now arrested him, according to Mr. Panh Vanny, Banan District Inspector.

Venerable Sot Sophon, 72 years old, a Buddhist scholar living at “Wat Chheu Teal” in Chheu Teal village, Chheu Teal commune, Banan district was attacked at 12:30 noon on the 2nd of January. He suffered knife wounds to his right cheek and a cut finger.

According to Venerable Sot Sophon, a man came to the pagoda and called for him. Then, when he went to see, he was attacked without any provocation or words being exchanged. The assailant then fled before help could arrive.

Witnesses outside the pagoda said that before the incident, they saw the masked man riding a motorcycle inside and outside many times, and finally the man was seen stopping his motorbike to buy cigarettes in front of the pagoda. Witnesses testified that after buying cigarettes, the man rode a motorbike into the pagoda, and heard shouting shortly afterwards. Then, riding a motorbike out from the pagoda to the north, he disappeared. When they ran into the pagoda, they saw the respected Venerable Sot Sophon covered in blood. He told them that he had been cut by a masked man.

Chief Bishop of Wat Chheuteal, Venerable Nheb Chanrith, stated that at the time of the incident he was elsewhere, but heard a commotion and came to the scene at once. A large blade, shirt and shoes had been left at the scene.

He said he did know what caused the violence, but in the past, one of his students asked to be venerated, but was refused because he used drugs and then left the pagoda.

Banan District Inspector Mr. Panh Vanny confirmed that we have now arrested the perpetrator, Heng Sary Called Pov, 20 years old, in Ocha village, Sangkat Ocha, Battambang city. He added that this person used to be his student at Wat Chheuteal.

Banan District Inspector Mr. Panh Vanny confirmed that police arrested the perpetrator on January 3. Heng Sary also known as Pov, 20 years old, lives Ocha village, Sangkat Ocha, Battambang city. He added that this person used to be a student at Wat Chheu Teal.

According to the preliminary answers, the suspect admitted that he had cut the monk because he was angry with him. Mr. Panh Vanny concluded that the perpetrator’s actions were born out of resentment, but he also seems to have a mental disorder related to drug use. However, officials are continuing the questioning. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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