Kantha Bopha Hospitals Treated 130,000 In 2020

Phnom Penh: More than 130,000 children were treated in 2020 at the five Kantha Bopha hospitals, while the infant mortality rate in hospitals has dropped by 3 percent, according to a report by the Kantha Bopha Foundation of Cambodia.

The Kantha Bopha Foundation said that 133,026 seriously ill children were hospitalized, including 4,488 children with severe dengue fever and 14,112 newborns.

According to the Kantha Bopha Foundation, in 2020, Kantha Bopha Hospital operated on 24,822 children, including 1,046 Cambodian children undergoing heart surgery and 777 Cambodian children undergoing neurological surgery. Another 49,586 were vaccinated.

The report said that in providing health services, the hospital examined and treated 132,443 pregnant women and provided maternity services to 25,771 women.

At the same time, the Kantha Bopha Foundation pointed out that the child mortality rate in 2020 was only 0.25 percent, a decrease of 3 percent compared to 2019. KPT (Photo-FB)

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