Man Shot 9 Times After Minor Traffic Accident

Phnom Penh: A police officer died after nine shots were fired following a traffic accident between a LEXUS RX300 which crashed into a Ford Raptor. The shooting happened at 12:30 am on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 along Russian Federation Blvd. next to Phnom Penh International Airport in Kbal Damrey 2 Village, Sangkat Ka Kap II, Khan Por Sen Chey .

The victims who died was 40-year-old Cambodian police officer driving a Ford Raptor plate number 2BD.3738. The assailant was driving a black Lexus RX300 with license plate number Siem Reap 2A.4546.

EDIT: Named as Reth Sineth, male, 40 years old, Deputy Chief of Criminal Affairs of the Phnom Penh Municipal Commission.

According to a witness, he first saw a Ford car driving along Russian Federation from east to west, when the Lexus hit it from the rear. There was a heated argument between the two sides, when suddenly, one of the assailants got in the car to start the engine and two accomplices pulled out a pistol(s) and fired nine rounds, hitting the victim in the head, chest and abdomen. The Lexus then drove away.

Authorities are currently searching for the perpetrators to bring them to justice. RASMEI

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