Facebook Gun Posts Lead To Drug Arrests

Battambang Province: On the afternoon of December 29, 2020, police of Thmor Koul District, led a crackdown on cases of illegal possession and use of firearms, as well as the illegal storage and trafficking of drugs in Chhke Kon village, Bansay Treng commune Thmor Koul district, Battambang province. During this operation, the police arrested 3 people:

1. Hoeun Pel, male, 38 years old, living in group 8, Chke Kon village, Kork Khmum commune, Thmor Koul district, Battambang province.
2. Yon Vichay, Male, 15 years old, Phum Chke Koun, Khum Kork Khmum, Thmor Kol District, Battambang Province
3. Koeun Ket, female, 25 years old, in Chke Koun Village, Kork Khmum Commune, Thmor Kol District, Battambang Province.

The evidences seized included:
1-Air rifle and 400 ball bearings
2-Pump for gun 3-30 packs of white crystalline powder in a plastic bag weighing 8.80 Grams, suspected to contain methamphetamine
4- 2 mobile phones
5- Bags for drugs
6- 20 lighters
7- Riel-Dollar-Some baht

The operation came after finding a Facebook user named Pel had posted several pictures of weapons, which appeared to be advertising in order to find customers. Other images also show some dead birds attached to the gun, which the account holder wanted to show were killed by him using this gun.

Major General Sat Kimsan, Commissioner of Battambang Provincial Police, issued an order to the Police Inspector of Thmor Koul District to take immediate action. The district police chief immediately led the force to the residence and met with the owner of the Facebook account above and inquired about the display of weapons on social media.

The account holder, Hoeun Pel, showed the weapon to the police and confirmed that he had bought it to use for hunting and intended to advertise it for sale. Police spotted some small plastic bags which raised suspicions about more drug-related cases.

With the coordination of the prosecutor of the Battambang Provincial Court, the house was searched and the police found a white powder suspected to be methamphetamine.

Authorities are investigating the suspects further before preparing a case to be sent to a specialized office for legal action. AREY

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