Police Give Violent Preah Sihanouk Land Dispute Details

Sihanoukville: A police chief posted a message on the social network Facebook’s on the morning of 22 December 2020.

The Inspectorate Prey Nup District Police would like to inform the public that on December 20, 2020 at 14:55 in O’Oknha Heng Village, O’Oknha Commune Heng, Prey Nup district, a case of intentional violence and intentional damage occurred between the company of Mr. Oknha Phen Phalla and local people, causing injuries on both sides.

Mr. Hour Yay stated that the reason was because the company has banned people from building houses on the disputed land, which has caused violence.

He added that after the incident, forces went down to intervene, but the people gathered more and more and blocked the road for the company of Mr. Oknha Phen Phalla. They accused the company of using violence and shooting to intimidate more people, so then they gathered and used stones and sticks to beat the group of Tycoon Phen Phalla and even smashed the car, causing some injuries and overturned the vehicle.

Mr. Hour Yay said that the police have arrested 8 men, including: 1. Kong Reaksa, 36 years old, living in Village 4, Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville, 2. Saing Ko, 19 years old, 3. Sok Phearum, 31 years old, 4. Sea Ratha, 36 years old, 5. Lao Tek You, 57 years old , 6. Chak Sokun, 56 years old, 7. Song Chen, 30 years old, and 8. Phan Sapech, 37 years old. All seven live in O Ta Sek village, O Oknha Heng commune, Prey Nob district.

Mr. Hour Yay said that the authorities are still investigating the allegations of gunfire. RASMEI

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