Old Dolphin Found Dead In Kratie

Kratie: A female dolphin was found dead floating in the fishing community in Kratie province’s Chit Borei district.

The dolphin was found at Prek Khsor point, Sambok village, Sambok commune, Chit Borey district, Kratie province, on the morning of December 22, 2020.

Officials from Kratie Provincial Fisheries Administration confirmed that the dead female dolphin was about 230 cm long and weighed about 201 kg, and that it lived in Anlong Kampi with ID number #95.

Mr. Mok Ponlok, Director of Fisheries Administration, said that after receiving information from the river guard team at Kampi Chroy Banteay Post that a dead dolphin was found at the above location, the Fisheries Administration, in collaboration with WWF Kratie Province found that this large dolphin died about a day ago because the corpse was still in good condition.

Mr. Mok Ponlok said that the cause of death, according to the physical examination, was probably old age. The teeth were eroded both above and below, and there were no bruises or scratches on the dolphin’s body and tail. He said that after examination and measurement, the team decided to save the specimen at WWF. MCPN

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