Abbot Strangled To Death In Kandal Pagoda

Kandal: The chief abbot of Wat Chet Thmey, was strangled to death by an unidentified person on December 20, 2020 at the pagoda in Wat Chet Thmey. Thmey, Vihear Luong Commune, Ponhea Leu District, Kandal Province.

The chief monk named Chey Rith alias Ta Ron, aged around 50 years old was last seen alive on the night of the 19th. December 2020. The murder took place in Wat Preah Chet Thmey, next to National Road 5, in Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province.

In the morning, a nun went to look in the rooms after she did not see the monk as usual, and saw that the door a little open but could not be opened further.

She called another nun to help and found him dead. His body had a swollen face and mouth and a rope was tied around his neck.

Authorities of Ponhea Leu District and Kandal Provincial Police investigated and autopsied the body at the scene with the utmost care. “The murder story is true, but it is not yet clear what the details are because officials are investigating.” AREY

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