Trapped Man Pulled From Phnom Penh Sewer

Phnom Penh: Dangkor Sangkat Authorities, together with the Dangkor Police Force and the People’s Defense Force, ame together to rescue a man with mental illness who was trapped in a drain and seen through a small hole.

The man shouted that he had been trapped in the sewer for the past seven days when he was discovered at 2 pm on December 19, 2020 along Street 217, Phnom Penh.

The man was not identified, but it was reported he was from Kampong Speu province and had slipped into a sewer on the street. Residents saw him reach through the hole in the manhole cover, and reported to the police to intervene. Immediately after receiving the information, Dangkor commune authorities together with the police.

The source said that when the man, speaking through the hole in the manhole cover, said he fell in 7 days ago, and there were three other people with him. After hearing this, the police were very worried and came to help remove the manhole cover to help remove the man. With the help of a crane, the man was rescued and no one else was seen.

The source added that after pulling out, it was discovered that the man had insufficient memory and was not trapped in the sewer 7 days ago, as he was seen on the 18th walking on street No. 371. Not only that, when he arrived at the Boeung Tumpun pumping station, some people gave him some money, which he still had.

After the rescue, the authorities took him to Dangkor Sangkat Hall, sprayed him with water, washed him and gave him clothes to wear. After a while, his wife came and took him back home, claiming that her husband had mental problems. MCPN

Last year a man was rescued after claiming he had been stuck in a sewer for 10 days.

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