Drunk Man Arrested For Breaking Kid’s Thigh Bone

Kandal: A suspect was detained by the police over a case of intentional violence on December 18, 2020 at 2:30 AM on Lum Road, Lvea Ras Kandal Village, Lvea Sor Commune, Lvea Em District, Kandal Province.

The victims was Phal Rita, male, 8 years old. The suspect, Vat Chairath, alias Po, male, 25 years old, a farmer, was detained, after the child suffered a fractured thigh.

The boy was standing and playing with two other kids in Lvea Rok Kandal village, when suddenly Vat Chairat, alias Po, who was drunk and riding a bicycle from Prek Pra village, got off the bike and kicked the victim, in the right thigh.

The boy was taken to the National Children’s Hospital by his mother, who then called the police to report that Phal Rita had been diagnosed with a broken thigh bone.

The suspect has now been sent to the Lvea Em District Police Inspectorate for processing. POST NEWS

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