Public Pistol Pulling Costs Homeowner $500

Phnom Penh: Three men who had just returned from a sports venue on two motorbikes had an argument with a man sitting on his front porch who pulled out his gun, causing a surprise at 12:50 AM on December 17, 2020 along Street 612 in Sangkat Boeung Kak II, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.

According to the three men, before the incident, the three of them had just returned from playing sports, riding two motorcycles, along Street 612 in a north-south direction. When they arrived at the scene, a man sitting in front of the house shouted at them, but they had done nothing wrong.

They became angry and went to argue with the man, who removed a pistol from his waist, frightening the three of them, before the authorities intervened.

The other party, the owner of the house, said that he was sitting in front of the house when three men on two motorcycles appeared in front of his house and the motorcycles were too loud, so he shouted for the three men to ride away. The motorcyclists turned back towards him. When he saw that this situation was not comfortable, he pulled out a pistol from his waist to protect himself, causing an argument.

Authorities took both parties to the Boeung Kak 2 Administrative Police Station to mediate. After a while, the owner of the house paid $ 500 to the three men to end the matter. NKD

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