Land Broker & Money Lender Shot Dead In Kambol

Phnom Penh: A man died on the way to the hospital after he was hit by three bullets.

The incident happened at 3 pm on December 17, 2020 on a dirt road in Tuol Key village, Sangkat Pleung Cheh Roret, Khan Kambol, and it is not yet known whether it was a robbery or a grudge.

According to the source, the victim was Neou Chamnan, a 45-year-old man who worked as a real estate agent, car and motorbike operator, as well as a moneylender. He lives in Prey Pring Tbong village, Sangkat Choam Chao 3, Khan Por Sen Chey. The unidentified suspect fired four shots at the victim, three hitting the victim and one missing him.

The source added that before the incident, the victim was called on the phone and drove a white Honda PCX motorcycle with license plate Phnom Penh 1ID-7477 alone out of the steam in Sre Chomrov Village, Sangkat Choam Chao II, Khan Por Sen Chey. When he arrived at the scene, he was shot by the suspect.

The victim was seriously injured and his family sent him to Calmette Hospital, but he was already dead.

The family took the body to Pochentong pagoda.

After the incident, the police went down to the scene and surrounded the location of the incident and stored shell casings and began a hunt for the perpetrators to be arrested and punished according to the law. NKD

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