Number Crunching 2020: Traffic Accidents Since May 1

As 2020 enters into its final days (a year that won’t be missed by many), various departments and ministries are releasing annual statistics. Here is the latest from the Traffic Department of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police on incidents that took place since new traffic regulations went into effect on May 1:

Phnom Penh: 948 people were killed and 2,808 were injured (1695 seriously) in 1879 traffic accidents nationwide in the 229 days from May 1 to December 15. 

On December 15, there were 7 traffic accidents, killing 3 people and injuring 7, including 4 seriously. This is according to Lt. Gen. Chhay Kim Khoeun, Deputy Commissioner General and spokesman for the National Police.

Lt. Gen. Chhay Kim Khoeun continued that for the result of restricting the implementation of the road traffic law of Sub-Decree No. 39 for 229 days from May 1 to December 15, a total of 234,110 vehicles were inspected and fined.

The same source confirmed that most offenses for motorcycles and cars are not wearing a helmet, overtaking, drunk driving, no license plate, speeding offenses, invalid driving licenses. no seat belts, and talking on the phone while driving. Via RASMEI

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