Thieves Make Off With $20,000 From Wing Shop

Phnom Penh: A group of suspects swindled money from a Wing shop on National Road 5 in Duong Village, Sangkat Prek Pnov, Khan Prek Pnov at around 8.30 in the morning on December 14, 2020.

Sources from the scene said that before the incident, two suspects, a man and a woman, rode a motorcycle to exchange money at the Wing and then disappeared. About an hour later, the suspect returned to the street to buy 10 cans of carabao and the seller left the Wing stall to pick it up. 

When the seller took the drink to the suspect, the suspect pretended to delay giving money so the other suspect could break into the Wing stall and steal the cash box containing nearly $20,000.

The Wing shop owner also saw the thieves in action and began screaming and chasing after suspect with the money box. The suspect ran to the waiting motorcycle stopped nearby and the pair escaped. KBN

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