China Promises COVID Vaccine For Cambodia

Phnom Penh: The Chinese-language Chinese newspaper CCT Times reported on December 12, 2020 that the Cambodian government and the Chinese Embassy are currently in contact and working closely together so that Cambodia can get the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine.

The newspaper quoted an official at the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia as saying that at the moment, Cambodia has many options to get vaccines from China because of the vaccine, made in China, is safe and effective. It is easy to store and transport at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (2 ℃ – 8 ℃).

Chinese embassy officials in Cambodia also confirmed to Chinese media that Cambodia is a steel friend of China and the two countries are bound together with ‘One Common Destiny Community During the COVID Outbreak’, and the two countries set an example for the international community in cooperating in response to the spread of the virus.

“Once the Chinese-made vaccine is approved for distribution, it will be a priority for Cambodia,” a Chinese embassy official added. “As always, this position has not changed.”

Regarding the above information, there is no confirmation from Ms. O Vandin, Secretary of State and spokesperson of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia yet.

However, on December 7, 2020, Samdech Techo Hun Sen announced a plan to purchase 20 million doses of vaccine to inject the Cambodian people (10 million) for free. But in the first step, Samdech Techo plans to buy 1 million doses of vaccine for 500,000 Cambodians (inject 2 doses). The first to be vaccinated are at risk workers such as doctors, teachers, the armed forces, justice officials, garbage workers in towns, cities, etc.

The masses, from ordinary people, government officials, tycoons, billionaires to the King, donated money to the Royal Government to buy vaccines. As of December 11, 2020, the Royal Government has received more than 45 million US dollars. SWIFT

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