Son Arrested After Mother Murdered With Hammer

Pursat: A woman died when her son allegedly hit her over the head with a hammer. The shocking incident happened at 7:40 pm on December 10, 2020 on a bed under the victim’s house in a village in Sangkat Roleap, Pursat city.

Sources from the Roleap Sangkat Administration Police Station said that the victim was 48-year-old Chan Kimheng. The suspect is a 24-year-old son named Yim Simex.

Police said that before the incident, the father and mother were seen driving their son (the suspect) to the hospital after he complained that he was not feeling well. When the parents arrived at the hospital, the son told them that he was not sick, so they took him home. 

The father got off the motorcycle at the parking lot across the railway line near the house came home to see his wife lying in a pool of blood.

The source confirmed the suspect ran away and jumped (*off something) and broke his head. He was arrested by the village guards and the police. The suspect was taken to Pursat City Police Inspectorate for further action. He is also reported to be a drug addict. RASMEI

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