Shot In The Foot! Police Officer Accused Of Firing Gun In Street

Phnom Penh: A police officer at the Ministry of Interior is accused of shooting a man in revenge for an argument that took place more than two years ago.

They saw each other at random, and the police officer allegedly pulled out a gun and fired two shots, hitting the man in the foot and another shattering a glass door. 

The shooting happened at 9 pm on December 9, 2020 along Street 371 in Sangkat Boeung Tumpun 2, Khan Meanchey, bordering Sangkat Dangkor, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh.

The assailant was identified as Kate Paren, a 39-year-old former four-star police officer at the Ministry of Interior. The victim was Bun Sim, a 39-year-old man from Sangkat Boeung Trabek, Khan Chamkar Morn.

The victim described that before the incident, he was out with friends around Boeung Trabek. Arriving at the scene, the assailant, who he knew, but not well, got out of his car and crossed the street to speak to the victim’s friend briefly.

He then got back in his car, opened the window, pulled out a pistol, and fired two shots; one bullet hit the victim in his right foot and the other hit a glass door. The shooter than drove away. The victim was rushed to the hospital for an examination and to wash the wound immediately.

After a while, the victim returned to the scene and contacted the media and the Boeung Tumpun 2 police station, including the Dangkor police station. The victim then decided to take the bullet cases and file a complaint at the Phnom Penh Military Police base in Phnom Penh to help investigate and arrest the perpetrator and punish him according to the law. RASMEI

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