One Ton Of Chicken & Meatballs Torched In Koh Kong

Koh Kong Province: On Friday, December 7, 2020, officials of the KPR branch. Koh Kong Province and the Economic Crime Police of Koh Kong Provincial Police cooperated to inspect chicken and meatballs seized in Koh Kong Province, with the direct coordination of Mr. Eng Chanpheara, Deputy Prosecutor of the Koh Kong Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

During the inspection, the specialized officers inspected the chicken and mixed meatballs, including: – Chicken, bones, wings and chicken offal weighing 734.5 kg, – and mixed meatballs weighing 268 kg; a total of 1 002.5 kg.

As a result, after inspection, it was found that the above products were packaged and shipped without proper freezing, leading to defective, smelly and fouled goods.

After that, the professional officer decided to confiscate and destroy the meat immediately with the approval of Mr. Eng Chanpheara, Deputy Prosecutor of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office. At the same time, the professional officer also advised other traders to understand and apply the laws on quality control, safety of products and services, as well as the law on consumer protection to avoid harm to people’s health. Traders may face legal action if they do not adhere to the law. PPR

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