Young Man Found Dead In Oyster House 1

Phnom Penh: A man was found dead inside a shop, causing surprise to the family and local residents.

The incident happened at 3 pm on December 7, 2020 along Street 154 at a restaurant named Oyster House 1 in Phsar Thmei 3, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

The body of the victim was named Pheakdey, male, 28 years old, a worker in Oyster House 1. His hometown was Chheu Kach village, Cheung Phnom commune, Ba Phnom district, Prey Veng province.

According to sources at the scene, the victim worked and stayed at the Oyster House 1. At 3 pm on December 7, 2020, the victim’s family kept wondering why the victim could not be contacted, so some of family decided break the lock of the shop door where the victim was staying, and found him lying dead alone in a room.

After the incident, the police arrived at the scene, contacted the specialized force to check and autopsy and then wrote a letter to hand over the body to the family to take to the traditional ceremony.

Local news reports the cause of death as ស័យថាខ្យល់- literally ‘suspected wind’, but refers to sudden, unexplained death which could be from a stroke/aneurysm and such. NKD

UPDATE: According to POST NEWS, the man died after taking weight loss pills.

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