Police Told To Get Tough With Run Away Drivers

Phnom Penh: Deputy PM and Minister of Interior Samdech Krala Hom Sar Kheng issued a directive on measures to prevent and curb the growth of road traffic accidents on December 3, 2020. In addition to strengthening traffic regulations, he said it is necessary to investigate and catch the perpetrators of road traffic accidents who escape the scene, for them to be sent to court to be punished according to the law and to share background information.

Other issues are also to be addressed, including parking violations, drivers disobeying lights, signs, markings and unauthorized use of sidewalks. With this, care must be taken to solve traffic congestion more effectively. 

Authorities must increase the dissemination of road traffic education in all forms on a regular basis to all localities and all public forums to provide safety knowledge to all road users, and further strengthen the emergency system for road traffic victims in terms of mechanisms, means and communication of information for professional rescue.

Samdech Krala Hom Sar Kheng stated that traffic safety work set by the NCDD in 2020 to tighten and Implement the Law on Road Traffic, achieved proud results in the period In the first 10 months of 2020; traffic accidents were reduced by 23%, the number of fatalities decreased by 17% compared with the same period in 2019.

Although the situation seems to be improving, the NCDD say that road traffic accidents still pose a high risk compared to other social accidents that cause loss of life, injuries, loss of property and affect the livelihood of many victims’ families. Therefore, in order to reduce this risk and to promote better road traffic safety, more measures to prevent and curb the growth of road accidents must be introduced.


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