Massage Shop Locks Up After Van Sellers Lose $5000

Phnom Penh: Three men sold a 3 ton van, got the money and went for a massage. Later they checked the bag, and found they had lost $5,000 and found $600 ‘ghost’ money.

This incident caused a surprise at 12.10 am on December 2, 2020, along Street 204, in Kakap 1, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh.

The victim, Run M., a 39-year-old male farmer, was born in Chrung Popel village, Romeas Hek district, Svay Rieng province.

According to the source from the victim, before the incident, the three of them drove a Korean van from Svay Rieng province to sell in Phnom Penh on Street 204 for $ 10,500.

They also went to the massage, and took off their clothes and hung them up, but they could not get a good massage. The three of them were frightened by shouting outside, and when they got out of the massage parlor, they hurriedly called a tricycle tuk tuk to Veng Sreng Road to find a guesthouse to sleep.

When they checked the bag with the cash inside, they found they had lost $5,000, with $ 600 of ghost dollars placed in the bag and $5,500 remaining inside.

The source added that when they saw the money was lost, the three of them went back to the massage parlor, but the owners had turned off the lights and removed the sign. Then many journalists came to interrogate and called for the authorities to intervene, but none came.

After the incident, the victim rode an Indian tricycle to file a complaint at the Kakap 1 administrative post in despair. POST NEWS

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