A Chill Descends Over The Kingdom

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has issued a notification on the weather situation in Cambodia from December 2 to 8, 2020.

The ministry said that the high pressure valley from China will gradually move downwards, and by December 4 will be moving down to central Cambodia with strong northeast winds. This usher in the first cool period from December 4-7:

1: Central lowland provinces:
* Minimum temperature 19-21 ° C
* Maximum temperature 26-28 ° C

2: Provinces bordering Dangrek Mountains and Northeast Plateau
* Minimum temperature 17-19 ° C
* Maximum temperature 25-27 ° C

3: Coastal area
* Minimum temperature is 21-23 ° C
* Maximum temperature is 25-27 ° C

At the same time, the Ministry called on the people, especially the police and the army, stationed in the Dangrek Mountains and the northeastern plateau to take care of health during this cold weather.

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