Two Dead, 11 Sick After Drinking Suspected Toxic Well Water

Kampong Chhnang Province: Two women died after being rushed to the provincial referral center and 11 others were in critical condition after all the victims had been drinking water in the fields during their lunch. This incident happened at 6 pm on November 25, 2020 in Chi Prang village, Chiep commune, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhnang province.

The victims who died were named as Nol Varom, 45, and Mao Chenda, 47.

On November 25, 2020, 13 villagers and a farmer, including a girl, went to harvest rice south of Chi Prang village. At the top of the field, there is a watermelon field where the owner uses well water from the field to mix pesticides.

In the field, there is a small well, which it is thought the victims took water from. After eating and drinking their lunch, at around 4 pm, all the victims began to feel very nauseous were sent to Teuk Phos District Health Center. Some were rushed to the provincial hospital, where two later died.

The deaths have been linked to pesticides used on the fields, which contaminated the water. So far, all 11 patients are being treated at the Kampong Chhnang Provincial Referral Hospital and doctors are monitoring their condition. The authorities, especially the provincial health department, are working to find the real cause. AREY

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