Chinese Man Stabs Own Baby To Death

Kandal Province: A Chinese man stabbed a young child to death at 8:20 pm on November 24, 2020 in Kampong Samnang village, Takhmao city, Kandal province.

The 8-month-old girl was stabbed eight times by the man, reported to be her father, and was taken to the Victory Referral Hospital in Takhmao City, Kandal Province, where she was pronounced dead.

The cause of the crime is not yet known, but preliminary information says authorities suspect that before the incident, the suspect argued with his wife and became very angry.

After stabbing the child, the man stabbed himself and was taken to hospital. He will face questioning and legal action.

CPU are involved with the investigation and will release a statement later.

UPDATE: Child Protection Unit statement as follows:

Father Murders 1yr old Daughter. On the 24th of November at about 4pm the offender was observed arguing with his wife at his rented house in Takhmao, Kandal Province. Sometime later the wife left the premises at which time the suspect then attacked his 1 year old daughter with a pair of scissors inflicting fatal injuries.

An uncle of the victim observed the attack and grabbed the child and rushed her to Kandal Provincial Hospital however she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Neighbors called local police who arrested the suspect. He was taken to the same hospital suffering from self-inflected wounds that were non-life threatening.

CPU Homicide and Forensic units attended the scene and assisted Kandal Police Command in the examination of the deceased and the crime scene. The suspect was taken to Kandal Police HQ and is to be charged with Aggravated Murder. The death of any child is devastating but to be committed by a parent is incomprehensible. RIP angel, you did not deserve this.

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