Talented Young Kun Khmer Boxer Passes Away

According to a Facebook post from Elit Sorn Kun Khmer, a young boxer named as Li Mei has passed away.

The post reads: The head coach of the Department of Bodyguards and Pen Kak Khmer Martial Arts Club are deeply saddened by the death of Elite Limy at a young age. I, Sorn Elite and all the players in the club are really sad to lose this good brother, good child, good friend. Bless Elite Limi in Heaven. If there is a next life, please don’t give a short life like this. The body will be cremated at 7 am tomorrow.

The cause of death of has not yet been confirmed the cause, but fans of Khmer boxing are deeply saddened by this news.


According to a post by coach Sorn Elite, his student died at the age of 18 on the night of November 22, 2020 at Calmette Hospital after the young man slipped and fell down some stairs while fixing a lightbulb at the club.

The funeral was held in his hometown in Krabao Ti village. 1, Prek Ampil commune, Khsach Kandal district, Kandal province, and there are many players in the club who expressed their deep regret.

He is brother to Taekwondo star Sorn Seavmey

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