Family Still Awaiting Compensation From Double Bus Crash Deaths

Kampong Chhnang Province: A family are still waiting for compensation after a woman and her niece were hit by a bus, killing both of them tragically almost 8 months ago. The families of the victims find it very difficult to accept and ask the Kampong Chhnang Provincial Court to expedite the settlement.

Tuon Lim, a 38-year-old woman living in Dangkhao Mao village, Chak commune, Baribo district, Kampong Chhnang province, told the media on November 22, 2020 that she and her husband had three children, and their 17-year-old daughter Chhean Kimly, a Grade 10 student, was hit by an East Asia (BPA) bus with her sister-in-law, Phim Srey Neang, 28, on March 29, 2020.

The mother said that on the day of the incident, her daughter and another sister rode a motorbike to visit their grandmother’s house in Trapeang Chan commune, traveling along National Road 5. The bus was traveling in the same direction and them hit from behind, killing both of them. 

After the police measured at the scene, they confirmed that the accident was caused by the bus, and then the company representative came to solve the issue and offered to pay only $ 4,500. Two people were killed and a motorcycle (worth $1700) was completely destroyed. But later, the company called to negotiate an agreed price of $ 6,000, but after almost 8 months, his family has not received even a single payment.

The woman stated that during the seven-day funeral for her daughter and her sister, her family had borrowed a lot of money and could not repay it, so her family asked the relevant authorities as well as the judiciary to help.

An official named Mr. Metta summoned a representative of the bus company to deal with the family as soon as possible, because the lives of his beloved daughter and sister could not die empty. 

Regarding this case, “KBN” is waiting for clarification from all stakeholders. KBN

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