More Crocs Caught In Kampong Thom Lake

Kampong Thom Province: Residents of Kampong Krabao Village are shocked after many local people caught crocodiles, and have expressed serious concerns about the safety, as they do not know how many crocodiles there are in a large lake in the village.

According to the villagers, in the last few days, there has been a lot of crocodiles caught in Boeung Phe, which is a lake located along National Road 6 in Kampong Krabao Village, Sangkat Kampong Krabao Krong Stung Sen, Kampong Thom Province.

According to the same source, this natural lake currently has an area of ​​about 29 hectares, which has benefited people who fish, collect lotus leaves, lotus fruit, lotus fruit, grass and use the water for cattle.

According to a source obtained by Koh Santepheap, Boeung Phe is rich in crocodiles. That the lake is hundreds of years old and the water in the lake, even in the dry season, never dries up.

The source said that two or three years ago, they fished in the lake by fishing nets and raised live fish, but numbers have declined.

Residents said that in recent years, after many people have come to build houses around the lake, a small number of people living around the lake, are engaged in the business of raising crocodiles for sale.

In the past, due to the negligence of some of the above crocodile farm owners and the lack of explanation, education and guidance from officials of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as well as the Kampong Thom Fisheries District, on how to make a pond or cage Raising crocodiles properly according to this technique has caused many crocodiles to escape into the lake.

It should be reminded that a few years ago, the crocodile in Boeung Phe used to bite the children of the people, causing injuries once. And too.

As for Mr. Chhay Reaksa, a resident of Kampong Krabao village, Kampong Krabao commune, he said that Boeung Phe was a natural lake, but now the lake has many crocodiles and, on Sunday, November 22, he caught two small crocodiles, each weighing about half a kilo.

It should be reminded that on October 5th and 7th, 2020, he also caught crocodiles weighing about one kilogram and another about three kilograms, making these the fourth crocs he has caught in the past 6 weeks.

Mr. Pen Vannarith, former Director of Kampong Thom Fisheries District could not be reached by journalists on the afternoon of November 22. People are requesting that Mr. Veng Sakhon, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to encourage the professional officers of at the provincial, city and district level to explain to those who are engaged in raising crocodiles to first prepare a strong pond or cage before for the happiness and safety of citizens. All of this is also a warning to people living near Boeung Phe in Stung Sen to be careful.


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