Poipet Man On Drink & Drugs Injures 5 With Ax

Banteay Meanchey: A suspect who used an ax to chase five people and injure them was sent to the Provincial Gendarmerie Criminal Office for the provincial court to take legal action on the afternoon of November 20, 2020.

The Banteay Meanchey Provincial Gendarmerie Command said that at 6:00 pm on November 18, 2020, a violent incident occurred in Phdol wine collection point in Samaki Meanchey village, Sangkat Poipet city, Banteay Meanchey province, caused by a suspect named Kling Samnang who was armed with an ax. The chase left five people injured.

Immediately after receiving information from the people, Colonel Nuon Ninaro, Commander of the Poipet City Gendarmerie, led the force down to the scene and saw the suspect screaming with an ax in his hand. The force detained the suspect and brought him to the Municipal Gendarmerie Base for questioning.

Colonel Nuon Ninaro said that after the interrogation force, the suspect confessed that he had cut the victims because his use of alcohol and drugs caused him to lose his mind.

The victims were Lay Mengleap, male, 5 years old, seriously injured, Nhin Vanna, male, 36 years old seriously injured, Touch Lay, male, 43 years old, seriously injured, Seng Chandara, female, 51 years old, slightly injured and Touch Lo A 72-year-old man who was left with minor injuries, all five victims lived at the scene.

Based on the confession and the evidence, the suspect was sent to the Royal Cambodian Gendarmerie by the local criminal force of the Municipal Gendarmerie. The suspect has been sent by the Provincial Gendarmerie Criminal Bureau to the Provincial Court for legal action. PPR

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