Arrest After Horrific Kampong Cham Infant Murder

Kampong Cham Province: A horrific murder took place in Ro Ang commune, Kampong Siem district, Kampong Cham province at around 9 pm on November 18, 2020.

A man took a machete and killed an 11 month old boy.

After the incident, the assailant was immediately arrested by the police under the direct leadership of Major General Em Kosal, Provincial Police Commissioner and with the coordination of Mr. Sothea Piseth, Deputy Prosecutor of Kampong Cham Provincial Court. .

According to the police, the suspect, named Po Ning, alias Poch, lived in Tuol Roka village, Ro Ang commune, Kampong Siem district.

When the police arrived, the suspect pulled out a machete and chased away the police and the people’s defense force, injuring a 35-year-old man named Sren Nai Huot, a resident of Pong village, Ro Ang commune, Kampong Siem district, in the back.

The child victim was named as Bun Thon Sok Chamroeun, male, 11 months old, who is reported to be the ‘foster nephew’ of the suspect, and lived with him.

In front of the police, the suspect confessed that he killed the 11-month-old boy because he was angry with his brother-in-law for blaming him for using drugs.

Currently, the police force has arrested the perpetrator and are preparing a legal case. WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES IN SOURCE

*Sources from CPU say that the unit is assisting local police with the case.

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