9/35 Kandal Dodgy Gas Stations Given Warning

Kandal: According to the General Protection of Consumer Protection, Competition and Anti-Fraud CCF, on Wednesday November 18, 2020, branch officials of Kandal Province, with the cooperation of local authorities, brought mobile fuel vehicles to inspect 35 fuel stations / depots in Rokar Kpong Sangkat, Prek Koy in Saang district and in Kien Svay district. During the inspection, experts analyzed the octane levels of gasoline, diesel and methane of the 35 stations / depots.

The results of the inspection of professional officers found that gas stations / depots found 26% were working ourside the law:
– 5 stations / depots not compliant in terms of quality and quantity.
– 3 stations / depots do not comply with the quantity.
– 1 station / depot, non-compliant in terms of quality.

Since this is the first discovery, the professional officer asked the owners to sign a contract to correct the non-compliance. If the branch officers of Kandal province find the second mistake, they will build a case to send to court. POST NEWS

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