Siem Reap’s Temple & The One By T Bar Ordered Closed

Siem Reap: Temple Club and The One by T in Pub Street have been temporarily closed by officials.

The closing was ordered on the night of November 17, 2020 , and led by the Director of the Siem Reap Provincial Department of Tourism, Mr. Ngov Seng Kak.

Mr. Ngov Sengkak told reporters that the reason for the closure was because the business owner did not participate in the implementation of tourism safety rules in the situation of COVID-19 set by the Royal Government, the guidelines of the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health and Siem Reap Provincial Administration.

He confirmed that all the clubs in Siem Reap have been closed, and these were the last two locations.

He said that the closure is only for KTV, entertainment clubs, karaoke, cinemas, museums across the country, but for restaurants may continue a normal operation, but must comply with safety rules.

He also called on all business owners to adhere to government guidelines and better implement tourism safety rules.

Please be informed that on November 8, 2020, the Ministry of Health announced the closure of KTV, karaoke clubs, cinemas, museums across the country in the context of the global epidemic of COVID-19 after the events of November 3. SRP

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