Interview With Cambodian-British Pop Sensation Liza Owen

There’s no one out there quite like Liza Owen. The British-Cambodian singer is all of our childhood dreams personified, her sound a perfect blend of electrifying indie and pure pop enchantment. Having been on quite the journey since debuting in 2016, lockdown saw her really kick things into gear, ushering in a new era of intimate escapades and wreckless pleasure-seeking. Whether it be in her latest single “Starry Eyed”, or the slinky slowburning power of “Why Aren’t We Having Sex”, Owen always has an interesting story up her sleeve, and we know you’ll wanna hear it.

The singer grew up in Headley, a small village in the Surrey countryside, but knew she was destined for something more. At just 17 she waved goodbye to the rural idyl in favour of the hustle and bustle of London, intent on pursuing her dreams in the process. After bouncing around for a while performing the balancing act of figuring out her sound, getting her act together and having a good time, Owen then relocated to LA, where she was mentored by songwriting powerhouse Ali Tamposi (Beyoncé, Xtina, One Direction, you get the picture). It was here that everything clicked for the singer, and now with all her ducks in a row, she’s coming at the music game with everything she has.

Check out the interview with the head-turning star HERE in WONDERLAND MAGAZINE

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