New COVID-19 Requirements For Entering Cambodia

New rules for those entering Cambodia have been released. There are now four types of arrival categories: foreign arrivals ‘sponsored’ by an organization, general foreign arrivals, Cambodian arrivals, and diplomatic staff,

Foreign arrivals from China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, the E.U. or the U.S. who have a sponsor must produce a health certificate with negative COVID-19 results valid from within 72 hours, take a further test upon arrival and isolate in a hotel until the tests results are released.

If the test is negative, they are free to leave, bust must adhere to a schedule submitted to authorities related to where they will stay, travel plans etc..

The sponsor must be an executive director, company shareholder, business association president or investment project owner in a special economic zone. Officials at embassies and the government can also be a sponsor if the foreigner will be working for those institutions.

Sponsors will be made to cover medical expenses, and are legally liable if the Ministry conditions are broken.

Foreign arrivals from other countries or those who do not have a sponsor are now not permitted to self-quarantine.

General foreign arrivals must now stay at a government-approved hotel for two weeks. The $2,000 deposit, mandatory health insurance requirements are still in place, and they must cover all their medical expenses.

Cambodians, on either a Cambodian or foreign passport, must also stay in state approved quarantine for two weeks.

There is no charge if they stay at a state-run quarantine facility (such as Ponchentong Airbase and some schools converted to quarantine centers). Hotels will be charged at the same rate as non-Cambodians.

Diplomats must show a certificate to prove they are Covid-19 free, take a test upon arrival, and wait at least 24 hours at a hotel or quarantine facility for their results.

The new policy goes into effect for all arrivals on Wednesday, November 18, the Ministry said.

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