Never Mind The Naysayers- Cycle Kid Wins With Spirit

Phnom Penh : You may have seen many pictures taken by people who participated in the recent MTB 2020 cycling program at Prek Leap, which includes both teen cycling and under-15 cycling.

What shocked most Facebook users was seeing a boy race with his old bike, no proper brakes, no helmet and no expensive equipment like other kids. But he did not hesitate to enter this program, and the young man took the challenge seriously in all the competitions.

The young man’s actions made everyone admire him for his courage, perseverance in all stages, and the ability to show himself that even though you do not have a modern bike and no equipment, you still dare to compete to try to win. .

Pics: Facebook / Story: KHMERLOAD

UPDATE: On November 11, 2020 Mr. Meng Ponlok, the head of Cambodia Youth Movement Association (Team 157) has given gifts to the boy, named as Pich Theara, who joined the competition on November 08, 2020, just because he loves bikes.

His father is a construction worker and mother, named Broy Mom, has physical illness. Theara has 5 siblings and he is the the youngest child.

Mr. Meng Ponlek gave a new bicycle, shirt (group 157), a pair of shoes, a Baleno shirt, a bag, 10 books, fish sauce and water as a gift.

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