American Traveler Latest COVID Case One Week After Arrival

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health announced on November 11 that a new case of COVID-19 has been detected, and no patients have left hospital treatment.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the new positive test results were from a 35-year-old American woman living in Phnom Penh, who traveled from the United States on a South Korean flight to Cambodia on November 4, 2020 (*no details on why the test was carried out 7 days, not 13 like usual).

The second test of 65 passengers on the same plane was negative. Among them, 37 who were in the same hotel are now required to be isolated for another 14 days due to the high risk of infection from the American woman.

Updates expected later, with more information on the tests performed on those who had direct and indirect contact with the Hungarian Foreign Minister.

This is the 301st case detected, with 13 patients now being treated in Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital. Latest figures say 201,826 tests have been conducted.

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