Monk Wanted For Child Rape Arrested After 6 Years

Kaping Cham: The Child Protection Unit’s Task Force “Maitland”, formed in 2014 – arrested a monk who had spent 6 years on the run.

The man was wanted on charges of multiple rapes against young novices. In June 2014 the CPU in conjunction with Kompong Cham Police Command commenced Task Force “Maitland” to investigate the allegations of multiple rapes of 12 novice monks aged from 8 to 16 years old.

Prior to the investigation commencing the now defrocked monk fled the province. It can now be reported that after he fled, the monk changed his name and continued to work as a monk in both Thailand and Cambodia.

CPU and Kompong Cham Police Command never gave up on the investigation. The offender has now been charged with multiple counts of rape and is in pre-trial detention.

The CPU waited till the offender had been formerly defrocked to report on the case.

CPU spokesman James McCabe wrote on Facebook

“I want to congratulate all members of Task Force Maitland for your commitment and perseverance during this protracted investigation and ensuring that all crimes committed against children are never forgotten. Excellent Result – Congratulations”

-Child Protection Unit

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