Man Buses Family To Meet No-Show Facebook Fiancée

Phnom Penh: Reports say a man got engaged to a woman on Facebook, and the groom-to-be hired a bus to take the village elders and the whole family from Kampong Speu to meet the woman in Kandal province.

When they arrived, it became apparent that the man had been cheated and had to take his relatives back home.

Facebook account of Reth Raksmey posted a message describing an outrageous story in which a man took his relatives to the bride’s house to get engaged. They arrived and asked people all over the village if they knew the bride, and finally realized that they have cheated, and decided to go home.

The post was made on Facebook on the morning of November 9 , 2020:

“I feel sorry for the elders (who woke) up in the morning (and traveled) from Phnom Preah, Kampong Speu province to Kandal province, in front of my house and Wat Tmat Pong. He thought he was close and called the bride almost 100 times , changing the phone number so that the call would be answered and the woman hung up the phone and disappeared…”

The account says that the man came to the village and showed photos of the bride-to-be. It appears that the woman was already married, and for some unknown reason had tricked the poor would-be-groom online. KBN

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