Armed Siege In Kandal As Drug Suspect Fires On Police

Kandal Province: Suspected drug dealer(s) have shot at authorities attempting to arrest them. 

Police are taking extra care as an unknown number of suspects fired several shots at them during an armed stand-off, which began after a shot was fired at police at around 3 pm. Back-up was then called for and more armed police arrived at the scene. At least two more rounds were then fired at the authorities.

Major General Chhoeun Socheat, Kandal Provincial Police Commissioner, who directly led the Anti-Drug Police Force, Saang District Police Force and the Provincial Criminal Police Force, confirmed at 6:45 pm on November 10, that forces had freed the suspect’s wife after the authorities were worried that she might be taken hostage. 

The suspect’s child also heard the news and ran to his grandparents home.

“Despite the number of shots fired by the suspects on the authorities, in principle, the forces must try to use all means to protect themselves and detain the suspects,” the Major General said. 

Currently, the force continued to surround the suspect demanding that he surrender to the authorities to avoid accidents, but police will use force in self-defence,

Authorities aim to detain the suspect on the orders of the commissioner without any danger to life,

The suspect is named Lean Tith, a man aged in his 30’s. It is reported that he may be running out of bullets. Police are believed to have fired back, but are wary of causing any injuries. NKD

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