Bodyguard Tests For COVID-19 On 4th Day Of Isolation

Phnom Penh: A Cambodian government bodyguard who had direct contact with the Hungarian Foreign Minister was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the fourth day of isolation. Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Cambodia is facing a public health crisis and called on people across the country to wear masks.

Prime Minister Hun Sen also instructed the Ministry of Health to rent a hotel to house hundreds of contacts to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

During his visit to Cambodia, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto met with Prime Minister Hun Sen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ba Sukun, Minister of Commerce Ban Susa, Minister of Agriculture Yong Shakun, Director of National Bank Xie Selei and other senior government officials. As of November 7, the Cambodian Ministry of Health has traced 889 people who came into contact with the diplomat.

Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed in a speech on the evening of November 7 that a Cambodian government bodyguard responsible for personally protecting the Hungarian Foreign Minister was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Now the problem is coming. This is very regrettable news.” Prime Minister Hun Sen said.

The Ministry of Health pointed out that the confirmed bodyguard was a 31-year-old man living in Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh. He developed fever, accompanied by a sore throat and cough. Currently, the patient’s family has been isolated. The Ministry of Health will trace other direct and indirect contacts.

Prime Minister Hun Sen pointed out that this is the public health crisis that Cambodia is facing. He worried that the capital Phnom Penh might become the “epicenter” of the epidemic.

“This is a very serious problem for the entire capital, Phnom Penh.”

He said that after the Hungarian Foreign Minister diagnosed, the Cambodian Ministry of Health has traced 889 contacts. He instructed the Phnom Penh Municipal Government and the Ministry of Health to rent a hotel to isolate contacts.

“We must pay attention to isolation, otherwise the risk of transmission is very high… This is a very serious problem.” Hun Sen said.

He said that the government will finance the lease of the hotel (*some reports say that the Sokha in Chroy Changvar will be used), and all contacts will be quarantined, including media reporters.

The Prime Ministeremphasized that although the current situation of the epidemic is worrying, the government will not declare a “closed city” or declare a state of emergency.

“I will not declare a state of emergency or’close the city’ for now.”

However, Hun Sen has repeatedly called on people across the country to take personal protective measures, wear masks and maintain social distance.

“Please put on your masks again, and the COVID test results will be released one after another.”

Hun Sen called on those who had direct and indirect contact with the confirmed Hungarian Foreign Minister to strictly abide by the home isolation regulations and not to move around.

“I hope we will be able to overcome this difficulty… We must take the necessary response measures.” Hun Sen said.

In addition, Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that the he was on was the fourth day of isolation, and he did not show any symptoms. He will undergo the second test on the 9th.”Received the second nucleic acid test on November 9th. I hope the result is still negative.” Premier Hun Sen said.

A new update from the Ministry of Health is expected on the morning of November 8.

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