Oddar Meanchey D. Police Chief Kills Two, Shoots Himself

Oddar Meanchey province: Oddar Meanchey provincial authorities learned that at 14:35 on November 6, 2020, a murder case occurred at the Border Police Station (Chong Prich) in Cheung Phnom Village, Trapeang Prey Commune, Anlong Veng District.

The incident was caused by Oum Chhoy, male, 42 years old, the Deputy Chief of Chong Prich Police Station, 905. He reportedly fired an AK-47 assault rifle at Hun Bie, a 51-year-old man in the Chong Prich police station, with two bullets hitting the victim’s intestine, causing his sudden death.

The source said that the assailant then escaped. Mr. Sreng Reasey Pros, 49 years old, the intelligence officer learned about the shooting and drove to retrieve the weapon. On National Road 67, his team suddenly met the assailant. Sreng Reasey asked for the weapon, and the Deputy Chief fired one shot which hit under the right armpit of the 905 officer. This caused serious injuries and the victim was sent to Anlong Veng District Referral Hospital, where he died.

The assailant then walked about 1 km from the scene in front of the house of the village chief, Cheung Phnom, and fired two shots under his chin, hitting his head and causing his death on the spot.

The perpetrator had reportedly been drinking alcohol and had been suffering from mental illness. SRP

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