Abandoned Newborn Found Alive In Por Senchey

Phnom Penh: A female employee of a steam sauna shop went to buy food before starting work. When she reached a pile of rubbish, she heard screams, and when she walked closer she saw a baby in a black bag left on a garbage dump and covered in ants. The woman shouted for neighbors to come and help.

The incident took place at 7 am on November 2, 2020 at the back of Tangkasang Market. In Chamkar Ovulk 2 village, Sangkat Ka Kap II, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh. At that time, the people who went to see it shouted, “Whoever is so black! Put your newborn daughter in a black bag and throw it in the trash like this? “

According to the source, the woman who found the baby was 23-year-old Thorn Srey Mach, a sauna employee near the scene. She said that before the incident, she went to work, but went to buy food at the market when she found the baby.

The source added that the baby was just born (EDIT: A later report said 3-5 days), with the umbilical cord still attached. She then took the baby and handed it to another woman, her aunt, Pat Kan, 50, who lives near the scene to take care the child.

Pat Kan said that after receiving the baby from her niece, she took it to a nearby clinic. The doctors cut off the umbilical cord and took it to the 2nd Ka Kap Sangkat Hall and the 2nd Ka Kap Police Station, where she asked for permission to adopt the child.

Residents said they did not know who the baby’s parents were and suspected that this was the result of a secret pregnancy. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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