The Cost Of Quarantine

Phnom Penh: A 14-day quarantine at a hotel set up by the Ministry of Health to screen for COVID-19 costs a total $780 (*plus test costs). The total cost of food is $390, or $30 per day and the cost of staying in a hotel for 14 days is $490. This is according to a Facebook account San Sek Sokhom, who claims to be a Cambodian who returned home and was placed in isolation for 14 days.

The Secretary of State and spokesman for the Ministry of Health disseminated the official response by messenger to the respondent: “You have self choice (to) stay in a hotel. If you can not afford to pay, you can choose a place provided by the state free of charge. Thank you. ”

Please be reminded that the fee for testing for COVID-19 and medical examinations of patients was set by the Minister of Economy and Finance, issued a pricing letter on June 8, 2020. That is, the cost of staying in a hotel or resort set by the Inter-Ministerial Commission for a 14-day stay.

This price list is made for foreigners. As for Cambodians who do not want to pay, the quarantine is organized free of charge in schools and at Air Force bases. SWIFT

UPDATE: FRESH NEWS were more condemning in their take on the allegations:

Ms. O Vandin added, “But in this case, this person knows that he has to pay for hotel and food and choose for himself, but instead accuses the Ministry, which the Ministry would like to reject completely. According to the broadcast of NP Video and this person as well. NP Video should be researched carefully before broadcasting to avoid misrepresentation, which can confuse and affect the efforts of the team who have been working hard day and night. Take a break, too. The cost of accommodation for Cambodians is paid directly to the hotel itself, the hotel is responsible for providing services for individuals.”

At the same time, the Ministry of Health explained and responded to the mention of this to the person who used different Facebook accounts but the same story, and the Ministry also explained to him, he also responded to clarify the misunderstanding His already (below) but NP Video Online continues to inspire this false story.

At the same time, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Ms. O Vandin would like to request the competent authorities and relevant authorities to take action on the media that publishes the wrong character and pollutes the society. Thorough health measures to ensure that Cambodia does not become infected in the community.

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  • November 2, 2020 at 6:49 am

    Again… the real issue here is paying $30 per day for that rubbish food. This should be optional. $35 per night for a hotel is fine – but if one has their own place to isolate, this should also be an option. Now having said that, less than 300 cases….


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