Tattooed ‘Giant Man’ Causes Guesthouse Mayhem

Phnom Penh: A man described as ‘a giant’ in the Khmer source destroyed items in guesthouses and people’s houses and was immediately arrested by the authorities at 3 am at the “Reasey Srey Roth” guesthouse in Sangkat Ka, Khan Por Sen Chey.

The man named Thi Chen, 38 years old, had, according to the guesthouse owner, arrived at 9 pm on October 28 with two people riding two motorcycles. This ‘giant man’ was riding a pink Icon motorcycle with Koh Kong number 1A-9860, while another friend who came on a red Honda Today.

The owner of the inn continued that after sleeping at his guesthouse for a while, the man became violent, then chased and beat the man he had arrived with.

Authorities were called to intervene, but after the police arrived, the man chased them out of the guesthouse. He also said that it was his house and went outside, hitting many people’s houses, causing panic in the street.

The police called in backup from the force of Po Sen Chey district to arrest the perpetrator. After the incident, the suspect who caused the violence was taken for questioning at the Ka Kap 1 police station. It is believed that the man was on drugs. MCPN

*Interestingly, the perpetrator appears to be covered in US ‘gangster’ ink, with one reading ‘Lake Park’, so it is more than possible he is a deportee.

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