500 Workers Protest Over Unpaid Salary At PP Mega Project

Phnom Penh: More than 500 construction workers erupted in protest overnight because the construction manager refused to pay salaries owed. They protested in front of the construction site to ask for intervention to solve the issue at 9:30 pm on October 28, 2020 along the Russian Federation Road at the construction site. The construction site is being built under the name BOOYOUNG TOWN in Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok.

According to construction workers, more than 500 of them have been working for almost a year. Some were due to be paid on October 5, 2020 and after that did not happen, were promised that on October 15 the salary would come, but again did not.

They began to protest in front of the construction site of BOOYOUNG TOWN, and Teuk Thla police came down to intervene and find a company manager to help solve the issue.

Finally, a company representative came out to make a contract to pay $10,000 to the staff to end the protest. KOHSANTEPHEAP

*Work on the US$1.1 billion, 235 hectare, Korean funded Booyoung Town project began in May 2013, but stalled soon after. Work resumed in 2017.

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