No Medals, But Good Promise For Cambodian Swimmer

Phnom Penh: Mr. Hem Kiri, Secretary General of the Khmer Swimming Federation, said that Cambodian swimmer Phan Sovannarun Montross, who participated in the swimming competition in Arena Swimming Champions 2020 Thailand in Thailand, got good results despite not receiving any medals.
He said that swimmer participated in four events: 50m and 100m backstroke, as well as 50m and 100m freestyle.
The young swimmer has gone to train for a year to further strengthen his skills and techniques in Phuket, Thailand, under the FINA “FINA Scholarship”.
Young swimmer Phan Sovannarun is a member of the federation’s national team. If he trains well, the federation will keep him working until 2023, when Cambodia hosts the SEA Games. The school where Phan Sovannarun received training is the school of outstanding athletes and swimmers. PPR

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