Chinese Woman On Drugs Fakes Robbery- Wastes Police Time

Phnom Penh: A Chinese woman who screamed and told reporters that she had been robbed was later detained by Phnom Penh Municipal Police’s Information and Quick Reaction Team.

Some media outlets reported that she had robbed on October 9, 2020. After investigation by Daun Penh District Police Inspectorate, Chaktomuk Administrative Police Station, Immigration Planning Procedure Office and the Criminal Department for the past few days, on the morning of October 27, 2020, the police found the woman, named ZHAO YUNYAN, and brought her in for questioning and clarification on the case.

After being interrogated, she admitted that there had been no robbery, and she had made the story up because she wanted money to return to China. (The same woman was found crying in the street on October 14, after being evicted from her hotel for non-payment)

Suspecting that the woman was using drugs, officials tested her, and the results came back positive. Currently, the competent authorities of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police and the Chaktomuk State Police Station of the Daun Penh District Police Inspectorate are preparing documents to be sent to the General Department of Immigration and asking for guidelines from the authorities, suggesting that she is deported from Cambodia.

In order to cooperate in preventing false information before publishing in relation to any case that does not have a clear source, please do a thorough research first so as not to confuse the general public, especially the publication of information. Some falsehoods may be for malicious purposes to pollute the social environment. SOURCE: PHNOM PENH POLICE

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