First Stage Of Choam Chao Flyover/Underpass Opens

Phnom Penh: A new subway route connecting traffic from Route 4 and Russian Boulevard with a total length of 470 meters, a width of 8 , 5 meters has opened for a temporary period to facilitate traffic flow and reduce congestion in the area until construction is completed.

The Choam Chao flyover and subway is a project of the Royal Government of Cambodia through the Phnom Penh Capital Administration, under construction contract by the Overseas Cambodian Investment Company (OCIC), with a construction period of 30 months and a construction budget of approximately $ 22 million.

 According to the technical specifications of the Department of Public Works and Transport of Phnom Penh , this construction site is divided into 3 parts: the first bridge is the main flyover connecting traffic from Russian Federation Boulevard to National Road No. 3,

A second bridge separated from the main flyover turn connects traffic from the Russian Federation Boulevard to Veng Sreng for one-way traffic with one lane for cars and one lane for motorcycles with a total length of 202 meters.

 The third bridge is a left-turn bridge connecting traffic from Veng Sreng Road to National Road 3 with a total length of 206 meters in one direction with one car lane and one motorcycle lane.

An underpass connects Veng Sreng road to Road 4 with a total length of 130 meters with two lanes for cars and one lane for motorcycles. An area of the main road connecting traffic from Route 4 Sreng road with a total length of 235 meters, has two lanes and a bicycle lane. Another subway joins National Road 4 to Russian Boulevard with total length of 470 meters with two lanes and a bicycle lane. Speeds of 40 kilometers per hour for the wider roads and speeds of 25 km per hour for road for the narrower routes will be put in place.

The Chaom Chao roundabout project officially began construction on June 29 , 2018. PPR

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