French Man Tests Positive For COVID-19 On 13th Day

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health on October 24, 2020, issued a press release confirming one new imported case of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the patient is a 37-year-old French man with a residence in Phnom Penh, who travelled from France via Taiwan and arrived in Cambodia on the 11th. October 2020.

The results of the second test on the 13th day after arrival were confirmed by the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, Phnom Penh, and the patient is currently being treated at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital. There were 85 people on the same flight, who are now being contacted.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health has announced the recovery of 3 patients

* A 26-year-old Indonesian man, flying from Singapore to Cambodia on October 6, 2020 has been released from the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.

* A 29-year-old Cambodian man, residing in Phnom Penh, a passenger from Japan, was released from the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.

* A 33-year-old French woman who was staying at a hotel in Sihanoukville who came from France via South Korea to Cambodia on October 8, 2020 was released from the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.

Please be informed that as of 07:00 AM on October 24, 2020, a total of 287 cases have been diagnosed in Cambodia, with 283 patients making full recoveries, and 4 being treated in Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.

Latest figures available from 19 October say 164,439 (9,905 per 1 million population) tests had been carried out.

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