Smugglers Drop 42kg Of Drugs After Failed Border Smuggling Trip

Stung Treng Province: A group of cross-border drug traffickers using motorbikes to bring drugs into Cambodia was cracked down on by the Border Guard Force of the Provincial Military Operations Area in cooperation with the Provincial Gendarmerie.

42 large packages, equivalent to about 42 kg of drugs were seize.

The operation took place at 3:30 AM on October 23, 2020 at the point between posts 034 and 035 in the geographical area of ​​Borey O’Svay Sen Chey.

Brigadier General Ieng Vandy, Commander of the Provincial Gendarmerie, said that the military and the Provincial Gendarmerie have been investigating and cracking down on drug cases for a long time. While patrolling, the criminals were seen taking two bags of drugs across the border into Cambodia.

The brigadier general said that after that, the police deployed forces to make arrests, but the drug criminals abandoned their motorcycles and fled back to Laos, leaving only the motos and two bags of drugs behind, which were confiscated and transported to the Provincial Gendarmerie Headquarters for inspection.

He said that after the inspection, police found 42 methamphetamine (ICE) packages some weighing more than a kilogram and some almost a kilogram, and according to estimates, totaling about 42 kg. NKD

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