Man Shoots Woman And Drives Away With Child

Battambang Province: A man was arrested by the Siem Reap provincial authorities after using a gun to shoot his wife, causing injuries after an argument broke out in a car on the road at Kork Chas village, Sranal commune, Kralanh district at 2:50 am on October 22. After the shooting, he tried to escape with a small child.

Siem Reap provincial authorities declared an emergency situation and asked for the intervention of the provincial authorities, and the suspect was later arrested by the police inspector of Bor Vel district in Battambang province. The man and young child were found at 9:40 a.m. on October 22. after he was seen parking his car on a plot of land in O’Don Pov village, Khleang Meas commune, Bor Vel district.

Borvel District Police Inspector Sok Sarin told Koh Santepheap that he immediately led the force to the target after receiving information from Siem Reap. He confirmed that a few minutes later, he also saw the subject was stopping the car and was with a small child.

According to the report requesting intervention from the Siem Reap Provincial Commissioner Force, which Koh Santepheap received, the shooting happened at 2:50 AM on October 22 on National Road No. 6 at the point of Kork Chas village, Sranal commune, Kralanh district, caused by the suspect named Chan Sophal alias Pov.

He is suspected of using a K-59 pistol to shoot his 27-year-old wife, Sam Ol Sodani, causing a serious injury to the left breast when a conflict erupted while traveling by car on the road. 

The report said that after the firearm exploded, injuring his wife, he drove back with a small child, leaving the woman behind at the scene and even dropped the pistol. After the incident, Kralanh district police intervened and transported the woman to the hospital. They then announced an emergency call for immediate intervention from the authorities in the provinces to help intercept the target driving a car with license plate Phnom Penh 2W-8787.

According to the information from the authorities at the scene, and answers from the victim, she and the perpetrator were a couple, but the child’s stepmother, living in Samaki village, Russey Keo commune Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh. 

According to the source, the couple got into an argument while driving on the road and stopped the car before the shot was fired. It is not yet known why the man was carrying a weapon.

According to the preliminary answer, after being detained at the Bovel District Police Inspector, the suspect, Chan Sophal, alias Pov, told the authorities that the gun was not his, but belonged to the woman. He apologized, and said that he and his wife had an argument in the car on the way back from Banteay Meanchey to Phnom Penh. His wife pulled out a gun and fired, then he stopped the car, causing the weapon to go off with the shot that injured her. Then he escaped with his child, leaving his wife alone.

However, this is only preliminary information that Koh Santepheap received from the authorities and various sources. Borvel District Inspector Sok Sarin confirmed that both the suspect and the car are currently being held in custody and waiting for the Siem Reap provincial authorities to come and take action according to the procedure. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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