Dead Croc Causes Siem Reap Street Shock

Siem Reap: On the morning of October 22, 2020, a large crocodile was seen next to a canal along a road in Angkor Chum district.

After hearing this news, the district team cooperated with the district police force and found out that the crocodile was already dead, so conducted a search to find where it came from.

They discovered the crocodile belonged to a farmer named Soy Saran, living in Kbal Cham village, Char commune Chhouk, Angkor Chum district.

He told authorities that he bought a new crocodile and put it with his others, but the reptiles began fighting and this one died.

He removed the dead animal and put to one side, but on October 19, 2020 at 11 pm, heavy rains flooded his property. and the croc corpse floated away in the flooding.

The crocodile owner added that he had no intention of dumping the dead crocodile in the open to cause chaos or frighten people. KOHANTEPHEAP

With the above information, the authorities asked the people living in Angkor Chum district and the general public not to be afraid, and it was just a simple case of a dumped dead croc floating away in a flash flood and turning up on the road when the waters receded.

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